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                   Low Alloyed Wire
                   Mild Steel Wire
                   Gaswelding Rods
                   Stainless Steel SAW-Wire
                   Low Alloyed SAW-Wire
                   Mild Steel Fluxcored Wire
                   Stainless Fluxcored Wire
                   Special Alloys
                   Spatter-Paste "ZipClean"
                   Cleaning Felt "EasyFeet"


Welcome at DRATEC Drahttechnik GmbH
Your Partner for high-tech Welding Consumables

Quality Promise
  • We stand by our quality
  • Our products are rigorously tested to meet all relevant standards.
  • Our production follows a strict quality guideline and continuous quality inspections
  • All our products are manufactured, packed and shipped with 100% accurateness
  • Our customers are partners and we will work hard to ensure your success.

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