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DRATEC Draht-Technik GmbH
was founded 1983 bei Friedrich Pott (+) . Over the years DRATEC has become to one of the most respected and well know manufacturer of Welding Wire in Germany.

in 1994 Olaf Pott (pic., right) joined the company and after some years he resume the management of the company.

In the beginning of year 1995 Markus Beuttner (pic., left) untertook the task to built up our branch in south Germany. This branch developed to one of our support pillar of our company and assist the close collaboration between our south German and south European costumers.

In the year 2003 entered Thomas Pott the management and is now responsible for the technical development of our production plant.

As a result of our own production, we can follow almost all customer requirements regarding the weight/ labelling/ printing etc. of the material.

One part of our business is producing for other companies. We produce for almost every major wire manufacturer in Europe. We cut and stamp the rods und can spool the wire on every type of spool available.
If necessary, we can re-label the material to your own requirement.

Our main target is to meet our customers demand for quality and pricing. As a result of our strict quality control procedures, we are approved by TÜV 1153, EN 13479 and certified to ISO 9000:2015.
In addition to meeting our customers demands for quality, it is equally essential that we meet them for service.
We stock over 750 Tonnes of welding rods und wire. We are able to ship almost every quality and diameter immediately.

Time is money und we want to save your money.
We look forward to your enquiry – test us


Friedrich Pott (†)
(c) DRATEC - 2019
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